Meet Annie & Jan!

There's nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without.

We are a creative couple from Prague with a love for travel and a passion for filmmaking. We are adventurous partners in crime, best friends, and well-coordinated creatives with cameras.

When we’re filming your wedding, family reunion, or any other project, we become one. We share a creative vision. We think on the same wavelength. We don’t have to talk out loud to figure out every detail… and that’s an advantage to you.

Our empathy gives us the power to create something emotional, true, and beautiful. We capture your event naturally with a cinematic feel while focusing on the people, places and moments that matter. We help you remember your personal and unique memories, which will make you smile or move you to tears, even many years after your event.

You are looking for someone to help you capture your special day on film. We’re based in the Czech Republic, but we live for traveling so we’re happy to talk even if you’re somewhere else.

We are available worldwide.  🌍

Let's create something special together.

[email protected]